Scheduled For Release 2030-12-31
0008706: [SQL] Add ability to specify parameters for REPORT SQL command and to pass JavaScript for RunScript method
0002266: [API] Possibillity to block a whole Database on Server
0007809: [Feature] Integration of Active Directory Support
0008521: [Log Files] Limit number of log files
0008522: [Other] If server can't be started don't try thousands of times again
0006836: [Feature] Feature Request - Online Backup
0006837: [Database] Feature Request - Android Standalone DB engine/Android Client -Sync with Master Database
0006838: [API] Feature Request - Rest API for Valentina DB and Reports
0006839: [Database] Feature Request - Active/Standby Server
0008601: [Performance] Any longer running task is blocking whole VServer
0006676: [Installation] VServer ubuntu and debian PPA/repositories (Igor Nikitin)
0008702: [Users/Groups] Add ALTER USER SQL command (Ivan Smahin)
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