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0002266VALENTINA SERVERAPIpublic2019-11-06 12:04
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Summary0002266: Possibillity to block a whole Database on Server
DescriptionIt would be really handy to be able to lock access to a whole database from Embedded Server. For example I want to allow first client to connect and if some maintenance has to be performed lock access to all other clients until the maintenance is done. I have seen a similar behavior in 4D. I just need to be able to send a given error to all the other clients trying to connect so they can wait until the lock is released. Something like 'Maintenance on the way, please wait' dialog.

API: VDatabase.Lock( kReadWrite )
Additional Informationand why not also at Table level (by Ruslan):

API: VTable.Lock( kReadWrite )
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Ivan Smahin

Ivan Smahin

2007-04-28 03:46

manager   ~0002109

Personally I think it is not good idea to operate with locks manually.

Who can guarantee releasing that locks? The next idea comes to mind - some timeouts for locks or similar techniques. It is task for transaction mechanic which is hopefully will be implemented soon.

So you would be able to start transaction and depending on its isolation level get such effects.
Ivan Smahin

Ivan Smahin

2007-04-28 03:50

manager   ~0002110

If you need it right now - why just not use some table as "mutex"?

I mean (just as an idea):

Create Table t1 ( mutexID ulong )

Insert into t1 values(1)
Do some work
delete t1

Select mutexID from t1
if mutecID != 2
end if
Ruslan Zasukhin

Ruslan Zasukhin

2009-11-08 16:30

administrator   ~0004857

1) As Stan have to mention he have see this in 4D. And I have see DB and TABLE locks in mySQL 3.x.

2) I can agree that may be it is too danger give this weapon into hands of developer ...
and may be this was important for before-transaction mySQL.

> Ivan: Who can guarantee releasing that locks?

well, at least with VSERVER, this lock can die with ClientHandler...

4) I will move this issue to VSERVER project.

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