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0006788VALENTINA STUDIOTool - Schema Editor - Diagramspublic2018-11-24 10:56
ReporterDavis FordAssigned ToIgor Nikitin 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.5.3 
Target Version8.7.xFixed in Version8.7.x 
Summary0006788: Please allow hide/show feature on FK relations
DescriptionA lot of times, I want to make a diagram to show a particular part of the database, and I'd like to highlight only that area. Especially for large databases, they can get busy with a lot of foreign key relations -- sometimes many of those relations are not interesting in the context of the diagram, but I have no way to hide them in the diagram.

My only option is to "Mark for Delete" -- which turns them red (see pic). This is not ideal, as red from a UI perspective indicates a problem/error.

Please allow a way (ideally via right-click on the association link -- even better with a keyboard shortcut) to hide the links that the designer does not want to show in the diagram.

Bonus points if you can allow one to multi-select more than one association and apply a hide/show operation to all of them at once!
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Working with DB:postgreSQL Server
Version of your DB9.1


Davis Ford

Davis Ford

2014-03-02 03:34


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