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0008259VALENTINA STUDIOPerformancepublic2018-09-25 10:04
ReporterSergey PashkovAssigned ToSergey Pashkov 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version8.2.x 
Target Version8.3.xFixed in Version8.3.x 
Summary0008259: High CPU usage with SSH tunnel after switch between different Wi-Fi connections
Description1. Connect to the database server on the internet using SSH
2. Open a database
3. Execute simple query
4. Switch from one Wi-Fi connection to another (for example, from Wi-Fi router to smartphone hotspot)
5. Execute a simple query and check the CPU usage
After a few iterations, the usage will be more than 100%

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Sergey Pashkov

Sergey Pashkov

2018-05-11 12:41

developer   ~0010176

Fixed in develop/7934781c57bbccbc23a41957f71c934d1d02b29e
Will be available in the version 8.3

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