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0008740VALENTINA SERVERInstallationpublic2020-03-05 07:10
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Summary0008740: Don't use sudo in start_me and stop_me
DescriptionI'm trying to make a nice GUI for server management. Part of that is having a start/stop button. I'd like to use the original shell scripts for starting and stopping. However, this isn't possible because they already contain sudo. If I try to execute the scripts on Xojo I only get the beachball. I have to make a copy of the scripts and remove the sudo. Please provide scripts without the sudo. You should use authorization dialogs in the prefs pane anyways.
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related to 0008741 resolvedIvan Smahin Use standard macOS authorization dialog in the Valentina Server preference pane 


Ivan Smahin

Ivan Smahin

2020-02-29 07:28

manager   ~0011160

We do the same things in vServer's pref panel.
Probably you should simply ask the user password and do something like

echo pswd | sudo -S ....
Beatrix Willius

Beatrix Willius

2020-03-01 06:51

reporter   ~0011161

You know that what you are doing is a security risk, right? That's why there is an authorisation dialog.

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