Matteo Geschrieben in:

Valentina Report error 40960 on Xojo

Hello ! I'm trying to print a report with the new Valentina 7 Report print engine, unfortunately even using their examples (GeneralOnSQLite) i keep on getting error 40960 "Unable to load printer job", operation non supported. Does anyone ma...

Select with no duplicates

What is the best way to select records with no duplicates in one table? I need to get the RecID of a record where it could have duplicates related to columns A, B and C. Anything like this does not work. Is there a way or what is the best way to...

Xojo, writing to short, via variable fails.

Hi, when using a server side cursor, writing a value to a number field, using set string results in "" then using a variable with str. But writing a text works... i.e. Dim nr as integer nr = 20 database.field(f1).setstring(str(nr))...
Scott Geschrieben in:

VStudio Locale & Dates with Reports

Using the 7.0.1 VStudio for both a local VDB an VReport (On Windows): In studio the Locale starts out blank and I can't set a specific Locale. I click on the editing pencil and set it to en_US but it will not persist. It remains blank. Design ...
Trevor Campbell Geschrieben in:

Graph Data Labels

I have made a report with a bar graph. It works really well, but the labels on the bottom are running into each other. Is there a way to have the label data to appear vertical instead of horizontal? If the report editor isn't able to do this, maybe t...
PBI Geschrieben in:


Hi, I can not disable the creation of v4rb_log_main.txt file ( Valentina.DebugLevel = 0 does not work ). how should I do?...

Report Xojo web Currency format

hello, I need help in order to format monetary values ​​in the report according to the Italian standard (eg: #. ###, ##). I read in the documentation link of use patterns. The problem is that using xojo web the "locale" server is set a...

HTTP Tunnel?

Sometims I need to connect against mysql databases where I can't connect directly or throug SSH tunnel. Other tools, has a way to connect using an HTTP tunnel. I don't see this option in Valentina Studio, is planned or possible in any way? Rega...

Valentina Studio Pro 7 Delivers G8 Scripting; Database Continuous Integration

Paradigma Software announces the release of Valentina Studio Pro 7, the leading database IDE and visual reporting tool for database professionals. Valentina Studio Pro 7 is the advanced data solution for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, that supports ...

Valentina Server 7 Released; Database & Reporting App Tools Updated

Paradigma Software announces the release of Valentina Server 7 with new key-value storage engine and updated tools for building fast data and reporting applications. Valentina Server 7 is a server solution that combines three different enterprise ...
Scott Geschrieben in:


Is there one panned for 2017?...

Vstudio create C:\usr\snmp\persist\ directory

Vstudio create this directories every time at launch. Can you fix this please? Here are procmon screen. Win 10 x64 Vstudio 6.6.9(x86)...

VStudio Health panel

Just a little question about the health panel in VStudio... How should the healt panel in VStudio look like if the VServer is OK/healthy? Please see the attached Screenshot. There are 29 connections on a VServer 6.6.9 64 Bit unlimited on linux. ...
Ruslan Zasukhin Geschrieben in:

Valentina 7.0 b10 available. VStudio German Translation

Hi Guys, this is our first post about 7.0 beta You can get it here. First of all we want invite to test Valentina Studio, German Translation. RELEASE NOTES:

Raspberry PI

What Lic i need to use Valentina Reports ADK and SQLITE Server From XOJO...

Paypal Only for a Limited Time for Buying Valentina

Thank you all for your patience as we revive the our website and store. We haven't restored credit card processing yet, so we have deactivated that. But Paypal should work, and you can use a credit card with that. Also, we can accept credit cards ...
Jan Kubalek Geschrieben in:

Valentina Studion FREE VS Valentina stuion PRO

Hello, i have a question. I want to buy Database Valentina studio for Linux. I tried Valentina studio for Free (and its really nice. Works on various Linux distributions without problem ). But int the "Free version" there is no way ...

What is error 394504?

When working with Valentina Server I get the error 394504 now and then. It has the totally lovely message "unknown" and the equally reason "unknown". Is this a timeout error? If yes, I'd really like to see a more eloquent error me...
Quy Nguyen Geschrieben in:

Can't get Database from Azure MSSQL

Hi, I set up Valentina with my SQL Database in Azure, but it can't get the database. Do you have any idea about it?... Error

Hi I have this code: dim vconn as String dim sql as String Valentina.InitReports() myReports = new VProject(GetFolderItem("Z:\XojoProject\BCPrint\Report.vsp") try myReports.Open() Exception err as ...

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