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This is a part of a first look series on Valentina 7, the major technology release from Paradigma Software, coming soon.

Valentina DB, the advanced, object-relational database system from Paradigma Software will soon celebrate the 20 year anniversary from when it was first available in the form of a C++ SDK.

Despite differences in underlying technology, developers who trusted Valentina DB are able to work with Valentina DB using several methodologies including industry standard SQL, object-based, Valentina DB API as well as any combination. Many simply ported over from MySQL, PostgreSQL or (much later) SQLite, preserving the original relational schema and then optimizing for higher and higher performance. With its support of the high level Valentina DB API, Valentina DB can also claim to be one of the first commercial NoSQL databases - with the option of using SQL.

Now Valentina DB developers who embed Valentina DB in their applications or deploy Valentina DB on Valentina Server will have a new storage enhancement with a Key-Value Database option.

Valentina DB Key-Value Databases can be a permanently created database on disk, temporary or in-memory as required.

Got a question about this forthcoming feature? Ask here.
  1. http://www.valentina-db.com/blog/?p=1968
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