Natural sort order

Me again with a fun new problem For a new version of my app I'm adding Import-1, Import-2 and so on for each new import. That works nicely up to Import-9. For Import-10 the fun starts. 1. The order is Import-10 Import-1 Import-2 2. Whe...

Searching for dates with SQL

How do I do a search for a date without using a locale aware date format? My database is set to DateFormat = MMDDYYYY and DateSeparator = / for all locales. When I do a search for a date in Valentina Studio I can use this format fine. However, whe...

Valentina 7: SQLite to Valentina DB Converter

Now for a new feature coming in Valentina Studio 7 which will make it easier to port your existing database applications to Valentina DB. SQLite is an extremely popular free and open source database engine in the public domain. A great number of larg...
Trevor Campbell Geschrieben in:

Graph Data Labels

I have made a report with a bar graph. It works really well, but the labels on the bottom are running into each other. Is there a way to have the label data to appear vertical instead of horizontal? If the report editor isn't able to do this, maybe t...

Valentina 7: Report Control Region Grow Property

Valentina Studio Pro has a large selection of controls, including barcodes, sub-reports, tables, charts and more. Now each control becomes more useful.In Valentina Studio Pro 7, each control now has a size_type property. This property allows the ...

Show RecID in QueryEditor

How do I show the RecID of a table in the QueryEditor? I need to do an ad-hoc join between 2 tables where one is the RecID of a table. But I don't see the RecID and therefore can't do a link. Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Regards Beatrix Willius h...
MIQUEL Geschrieben in:

Valentina Studio - HTML fields

Hello, I have some troubles with a report in Valentina Studio : I have a XOJO webapp on a linux server, which use Valentina. In my report, i have an HTML field, that i fill from an HTML editor. Most of the time, Valentina does not understand ...

Valentina 7: VARIANT Field

Another addition to Valentina DB is the addition of the VARIANT field. Not all database systems support a VARIANT field, so it isn't what we'd refer to as a standard field type. In short, a VARIANT can store different types of data, from very smal...

Datediff shows wrong year, or ???

Hi, I'm doing a Datediff, but how can I fix the wrong year I get... select navn, doeddato, foedt_dato, DATEDIFF( '08.01.2017','15.01.1942', 'year') should not give 75 as year... but if I use 'day' and divide with 365.25(for leap-years) then I...

Valentina 7: Key-Value Database

This is a part of a first look series on Valentina 7, the major technology release from Paradigma Software, coming soon. Valentina DB, the advanced, object-relational database system from Paradigma Software will soon celebrate the 20 year anniver...

V4RB installation for XOJO Runtime

To run an Application built by XOJO I had to install V4RB on the targetmachine because of a runtime error (about cannot open V4RB dylib). Is it reallly needed or ist it just because I installed the plugin in my XOJO while building the Application? ...
PBI Geschrieben in:

Right, Mid, and Left field in cell of a table

On the cell of a table I must have the following data: Right(field_A, 2) + mid(field_A, 4,2) + left(field_A, 4). How can I do ?...

VSqlite PDO - Query not returning all rows

When I query a table that contains two records with VServer: 6.6.9, PHP7.0 and VSqlite PDO only one record is returned. Is there an issue in my script or is there a bug in VSqite PDO? $db = new PDO("vsqlite:host=;dbname=test.db;port=...

Moving from MySQL->PostGres: Best Way to Store PHP Objects in MySQL, Retrieve in PostGres?

I have a a MySQL database that stores PHP objects in serialized format to a BLOB field. I'm moving this database from mysql->postgres. So far I have found no way to move those PHP objects to PostGres. Saving the objects serialized to a MySQL f...

Thank you for 2016 :)

Just want to pass along my sincere THANK YOU to the whole Valentina team for the outstanding support I had pleasure to experience all the time. May you never stop innovating! I also wish this tight-knit team a prosperous 2017, lots of new customer...

SERIAL32 and 64 - Only triggered through SQL?

I am trying to use a SERIAL64 Number as a absolut and never changing Record-Number. It is possible to create a Field through a SQL-Statement. But if I use API to create a new record, the field created remains NULL while created through SQL "Inse...

Valentina Server/Reports - PHP7

I'm looking at using Valentina Server and Valentina Reports in a web project. Is PHP7 supported? Best Regards, Johnny...

new to valentina

Hi Guys, I'm a xojo developer and found Valentina reporting make report generator easier. I would like to ask what are the things I need to buy for me to create a report and deploy it together with my xojo web app on mediatemplate host provider...

Переход фокуса в дата грид

Здравствуйте не подскажете как сделать чтобы после выполнения запроса фокус не переходил в таблицу с данными, потому что очень недобно. Это очень существенный минус для моего выбора программы Спасибо...
Neil Geschrieben in:

SQLite Server freezes

I've notices that occasionally when a program crashes it causes all other programs connected to the server to also freeze up. Even Valentina Studio will freeze. The only way to again connect to database is to reboot or restart the VServer_x64 service...

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