• Valentina Developer Network

    Deploy unlimited copies of Valentina Server to your customers as a part of your solution - royalty free.
  • Unlimited Capacity Server

    Deploy Valentina Server Unlimited to your customers for a fraction of the full price of Valentina Server
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Royalty Free

Deploy the VDN version of Valentina Server to your customers,  royalty free - even after your update period ends.

Native, Supported Interfaces

20+ platforms supported by Paradigma Software; you don't have to rely on the vagaries of the open source community.

Enterprise Reports Server

Valentina Reports Server serves up formatted reports from data sources  MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Valentina DB and SQLite

90% Lower Cost than MySQL

MySQL claims a saving 90% over SQL Server, but Valentina Server beats with straight up savings you can verify yourself.

Valentina Database Server

Ultra-fast, modern, SQL Valentina Database Server faster - sometimes hundreds or thousands of times faster than the competition.

No Surprise Subscriptions

Major and minor updates for a full year from purchase, and you can keep deploying even if you stop paying for updates.

Raspberry PI Valentina Server and selected Database and Reports ADKS now work on ARM7 Raspbian for Raspberry PI.


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