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Deployment of V4RB Windows Application

You have two choices on how to prepare your app for deployment. The first one is preferable.

Standalone Application Package

Everything is inside a single “MyAppFolder” folder.

This way is the most preferable. Because you can install/uninstall application as a single folder to the computer of your user. For this way you should make the following steps:

  • create a folder with the name you need, e.g. “MyAppFolder”.
  • copy inside the executable which Xojo has built.
  • copy inside all files from the vcomponents folder (but not folder itself).

You can find vcomponents folder at '/Program Files/Paradigma Software/vcomponents_win_vc'.

Now you can distribute this “MyAppFolder” folder.

Valentina searches first of all the application folder for “vresources” folder. If it finds it here, then Valentina assumes that all other items of Vcomponents are also at the root of the application folder.

vcomponents at System Level

If you develop and deploy a family of applications that can/should be installed on the same user computer, then it is a good idea to put vcomponents only once.

It is possible if this folder is at path as

\Program Files\My Company\VComponents

NOTE: This is the same as you have it now during the development.

For this scenario you should not do anything special, just make sure that your installer installs vcomponents folder and set the PATH.