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Installation of Valentina Server on Windows

  • Run vserver_x64_8_win.exe installer (or vserver_8_win.exe for 32-bit version).
It will install Valentina Server on your computer into the following folders:
Program Files\Paradigma Software\VServer x64 (or Program Files (x86)\Paradigma Software\VServer)
  • When the installer has finished its work, Valentina Server is already running as a service. You do not need to restart your computer.
  • You can use a standard Windows control panel to run/stop the service of Valentina Server. To open a “Services” panel choose the command from “START” menu as shown on the picture:

You will get a new window as shown

In this window, you can Stop/Run/Restart the Valentina Server.


To enable VServer through Windows Firewall (if needed):

  1. Go to “Control Panel”→“System and Security”→“Windows Firewall”
  2. Click “Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall”
  3. Click “Change settings” button
  4. Click “Allow another app” button
  5. Click “Browse…” and select “c:\Program Files\Paradigma Software\VServer x64\VServer_x64.exe” (or 32-bit equivalent)
  6. Click “Add”