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Property Inspector Help

Property Inspectors display the properties and values of a selected item. Property Inspectors are available in several editors, including the Schema Editor and Report Editor.

Show | Hide a Property Inspector

  • You can show | hide a Property Inspector from the View Menu
  • keyboard shortcut CMD+I

Property Inspector Reference

Properties are grouped into Categories. Each category can be collapsed/expanded by a mouse click into triangle icon. The collapsed/expanded state is stored for each object and remains valid for this object even if you switch to other objects.

  • Some properties can be edited in different ways. For example, on picture above:
    • Name property has edit field to edit it.
    • Local Name has popup-menu.
    • Comment has button “…” that opens dialog where you can type and edit multi-line text.
    • Encrypted has a checkbox.
Properties displayed as BOLD means that the property overrides value of parent object. You can do right click on such property to see contextual menu with command “User Parent Value”.

Tools with Property Inspectors

The detailed review of the property inspector you can find in corresponding topics: