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MAC OS X Sandboxing Help


Sandboxing is a protective technology introduced with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. It limits the actions that applications can perform to reduce risks to application users. Only files explicitly opened by the user are accessible by applications. The sandbox is not available on OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, so applications there run with full access including to all files available to the user.

Valentina Studio is built with a fixed set of entitlements and, on OS X 10.7, is unable to perform unsafe actions not specified in the entitlements, including access to files except where they are opened though the system file open dialog.

Problem is that Valentina DB and SQLite need more than one disk file during work. SQLite must be able create journal file at least, Valentina engine also need journal, besides databases can be located in few disk files.

Allowed Locations

To enable Valentina Studio to access files that have not been opened, it provides Preference panel “Allowed Locations”:

Access to directories may be granted by pressing the “Add Location…” button to show a system dialog and then selecting the desired directories. Since the dialog is a trusted component, it is allowed to navigate the system and set permissions for Valentina Studio.

Access to paths is remembered between runs of Valentina Studio, so you need define allowed locations only once. To remove access to a path for future runs, use the Remove button.

If user tries to create or open database in a not allowed location, then Valentina Studio recognize this attempt, and offer to “Edit Preferences …”