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Report Editor Pro Features

This section describes GUI features of Report Editor of Valentina Studio Pro.

You can read Features of Reports to see what Valentina Report engine is able to do.

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General Features

  • WYSIWYG editing
  • Dimensions in different units (mm, cm, inch, point, pixel, pica)
  • Rules

Preview on live data

  • List of page thumbnails (to easy navigate)
  • Zoom: from 25% to 200%, fit to window`s width/height
  • Page navigation first/prev/next/last/Nth
  • Apply another page format to preview on the fly
  • Preview in default Internet Browser
  • Export to HTML/Picture/PDF/Latex

Report Editor Toolbar Commands

  • Group/Ungroup objects
  • Lock/Unlock objects
  • Alignment of objects: left, center, right, top, middle, bottom
  • Centering of an object on the page horizontally/vertically
  • Apply best size to an object
  • Background transparency ON/OFF
  • Font menu
  • Font size menu
  • Font color, background-color
  • Style of text buttons: Bold, Italic, Underline
  • Alignment of text horizontal: left, right, center
  • Alignment of text vertical: top, bottom, center
  • Draw border buttons to specify border for an object easily
  • Borderline width, Border color

Report Wizard

  • Choice of regions for a new report
  • Choice of data into headers/footers
    • Date
    • Report Name
    • Text of big size
    • Text of small size
    • Picture
  • Choice of data source and named SQL query (possible create new if not exists)
  • Choice of fields and properties for fields (Label, Multiline, Grow, Wrap, … )
  • Grouping by fields
  • Sorting by fields
  • Summaries
  • Choice of intention on grouping
  • Choice of layout: columnar/tabular
  • Choice of layout orientation: portrait/landscape
  • Choice of predefined style

Style Editor

Items of Style

  • Data (Columnar)
  • Data (Tabular)
  • Field Name
  • Field Name (Columnar)
  • Group Data
  • Group Data (second)
  • Group Field Name
  • Group Field Name (second)
  • Report Title
  • Large Text
  • Small Text
  • Text Field
  • Summary
  • Spaces and sizes
  • Page color
  • Checkbox icons
  • Style preview image

Properties of Items

  • Font
  • Font Color
  • Background Color
  • Transparency
  • Alignment of text
  • Border color and width


  • Report Header
  • Report Footer
  • Page Header
  • Page Body (Columnar)
  • Page Body (Tabular)
  • Page Footer
  • Column Header
  • Column Footer
  • Group Header
  • Group Header (second)
  • Group Footer
  • Group Footer (second)

Region Properties

  • Background color
  • Texture
  • Line on top and bottom
  • Indents
  • Fixed height

Page Format Editor

  • Allows creating custom page format in a visual way.
  • Specify set of existed page formats for use