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Master Database of Valentina Server

When Valentina Server starts the first time, it creates (if absent) the master database in the default location for all databases as specified in the INI file. This database has the name “master.vdb” and is in the single file mode.

This database contains information that belongs to Valentina Server but not to any specific database. Currently, master database contains 3 tables:

  • Databases - keeps the name and path of a registered database.
  • Users - keeps the name and permissions of a user.
  • Events - keeps events of scheduler.

ATTENTION: Avoid to change this database directly! Its tables are managed via special API/SQL commands like AddUser/DropUser, CREATE/DROP EVENT, …


  • It is possible to stop the Valentina Server and open the master database directly into Valentina Studio. Do not try to open the master database while Valentina Server is running.