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Registering an Existing Valentina Project

Valentina Projects can be created locally or created and registered automatically on Valentina Server. You may need to register an existing Valentina Project on Valentina Server. You can even register a Valentina Project without stopping Valentina Server.

Methods to Register an Existing Valentina Project

  • Drop the Valentina Project file (*.vsp) into the 'projects' directory of Valentina Server
  • Register project to the Valentina Server. You can do this in few ways:
    • Valentina Studio – Use the Valentina Server menu in Valentina Server to register the Valentina Project
    • SQL way – Use the Valentina SQL command REGISTER PROJECT. #xecute this command from your application code or from the Valentina Studio SQL Editor. See Valentina SQL Reference for details.

How Registration of Projects Work

Registration works in the background to INSERT one record into the MasterDB of Valentina Server. This record links the full path of this new project by name. Valentina Clients (such as those in Valentina ADKs) will specify this name for VProject.Open() method or in Valentina Studio.