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Using Hot Backup

Valentina Server 3.0 introduce new SQL command BACKUP DATABASE .

This command has the most sense to be used with CREATE EVENT command of Valentina Server.

Indeed, usually you may want your Valentina Server do backups periodically. In the same time a Valentina Server user can issue this BACKUP DATABASE command at any time to produce a backup of a database right now.

Note, that if VServer manages several databases, then for each database must be executed the BACKUP DATABASE command.

How it works

Each successfull backup produces a new folder of kind “dbname_yyyymmddhhmmss” at the specified path. This folder contains backup files of a database. These files in fact are the database files itself, so you can copy them at any location, and e.g. open by Valentina Studio. Backup files do not include .ind file if it is separate.

When Valentina Server get the BACKUP COMMAND and start proceed it then during this time all other users are blocked. Backup happens as low level copy of disk files using OS functions. This means that if your HDD has average speed 30Mb/c to do continuous read/write, then for database of 100Mb size it will take about 3 seconds.


  • To speedup the backup, it is a good idea to specify another HDD as destination for backup.
  • Its your responsibility to watch that with time you will not eat all disk space with such backups. You can write some additional scripts that e.g. compress new backup folders using ZIP/RAR or delete folders older than a particular age.