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Data Editor - Marked Pairs

The grid has a special “marks” column, which is always the first. You can click its cell to mark a pair. You can also press SPACEBAR button while a cell of the mark-column is selected.


In the Keyvalue menu you will find the following commands to work with marked pairs:

  • Delete Pair(s) – this command deletes all marked pairs.
  • Mark All Pairs – this command marks all pairs of the KeyValue that currently present in the grid. If you have a filter, which shows e.g. 100 pairs from million, then this operation marks these 100 pairs.
  • Unmark All Pairs – this command unmarks all marked pairs.
Click on the header of the mark-column works as “Mark All Pairs” if currently at least one pair is not marked. Otherwise it works as “Unmark All Pairs”.

Marked and Filtered Pairs

Taking into account, how a set of Marked Pairs can interact with a set of Filtered Pairs, we can consider Marked Pairs as a “Manual Filter”. Really, using a FILTER mechanism, we can select a set of pairs that satisfy some conditions. Using Marked Pairs mechanism, we can select a set of pairs without such rules. We just mark records that we want.