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Data Editor - Image Editor

The Data Editor displays the information about the Picture field content in the table grid, such as the format and size.

Additionally, it allows you to preview stored images of the following formats in the Image Editor: JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP or SVG.

The Image Editor can work in two different modes:

  • Popup – an editor is presented as a small non-modal dialog below the edited cell (Windows and Linux only).
  • Modal – an editor is presented as an ordinary modal dialog.

The popup appears automatically when the the picture field cell is selected, the modal dialog is displayed by double-clicking the cell (macOS only) or clicking the Content button.

Picture Editor

Valentina Studio makes an attempt to detect if binary data contains a supported image type and previewing then becomes an option.

Image Editor

Image Editor is a tool for changing the content of the graphical data in your database.

It provides the following actions:

  • Load… button – to select an image file on disk for writing it to the database.
  • Save As… button – to read picture from database to disc.
  • Clear button – to remove picture from the record.
  • Set NULL button – to assign the NULL value.
  • Change button – to apply the change made in the dialog.
You can drag&drop a file to the image area from the local filesystem, web page, etc.