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Data Editor - Text Editor

The Data Editor allows you to view and edit the contents of text fields.

ValentinaDB stores text internally using UTF-16. If you copy-paste the text into the Text Editor text field such as UTF-8, it is automatically converted internally to UTF-16.

Like other editors it can work in different modes:

  • Inline
  • Popup
  • Modal dialog

Short text can be edited using an inline editor:

After starting editing it becomes wider to fit more text.

For quick editing of longer texts, a popup mode can be initiated using a small button below the bottom-right corner of the cell.

  • Set NULL changes the value to NULL
  • Change applies to changes. It is necessary to confirm the change made to the cell value.

A modal dialog is used for complex editing tasks, it is shown either by double-clicking the cell or using the Content Editor button.

Text Editor

For example, if it is necessary to switch multiple times to different applications and copy&paste information a modal mode is more suitable.