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Form Editor - Form Wizard

The Form Wizard lets you create a form with just a few clicks and selections, making it easier to build forms, either by themselves (without datasources) or with existing datasources.

The wizard consists of three steps:

  • Name And Datasource
  • Fields
  • Layout And Data Mode

Name And Datasource

On the first page of the wizard, the name of the form and its datasource can be defined.

If the form is independent of any datasource, the radio button “Don't use any Database” must be selected. With this choice, the wizard will finish on this page.


The second page of the wizard allows the user to define the source for the form records and the set of fields to place on the form.

The combo box has submenus for each type of the source: tables, views and queries. Note, queries must be created on the Project tab.

The list of available fields is on the left and the list of fields to put on the form is on the right, both lists are empty at the beginning.

Once the source is selected, the list of available fields is presented to the user.

There is a set of buttons to move fields between the lists.

A double click on the field in one list moves it to another list.

At least one field must be selected to move to the next page.

Layout And Data Mode

The form can display its data in two layouts:

  • Columnar - There are two columns in this layout, one for field labels and one for field values.
  • Tabular - The data is shown in the table view.

The Data Mode combo box has three options:

  • Edit - The changes made to the field values are not automatically applied after the change.
  • Edit And Commit - The changes made to the field are applied immediately after the change.
  • ReadOnly - The field values can't be changed.


After finishing the wizard a form will be generated accordingly to the choices made by the user.