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Project Window Help

This page is intended to manage the Valentina Projects (*.vsp files). The project is a container file for Valentina reports, forms, scripts and auxiliary elements as datasources and queries. So, the project window – is a special browser for *.vsp files.

Project Window

Project Window

Project Tree

In the project tree is showing the content of the project file. There are several project items:

Item Icon Description
Datasource Datasource Icon The reference to database (Local or Remote)
Folder Folder Icon The container for project items.
Form Form Icon The Valentina Form instance.
Query Query Icon The special object containing the SQL query and specific parameters to get data from the datasource.
Report Report Icon The Valentina Report instance.
Script Script Icon The file with JS script.


Toolbar shows a different set of buttons depending on the type of the selected object:

  • Create – Shows the drop-down list, with names of objects to create. To create a necessary object – just select it in the list.
  • Edit… – Invokes the dialog to edit the selected object.
  • Execute – Executes selected form.
  • Export – Exports the current report to one of the supported formats.
  • Print – Opens a print dialog for currently selected report.
  • Browser – Generates current report as HTML and opens it in the browser.

Item Viewer

Depending on the selected object in the tree the project browser shows different information in the central area.


When a project or a folder is selected in the tree, its contents is presented in the item viewer.

There are three content presentation modes:

  • Show as Icons – In this mode, the central area is filled from the left to the right, the object name is below the icon.

  • Show as List – Project items are placed from the top to the bottom, with a name beside the icon.

  • Show as Table – Project items are presented in a table view, with ability to sort the items, e.g. by name.

Previously executed forms and previewed reports contain small preview images in their icons in the Icons and List modes.

The size of the icons can be adjusted using the slider at the bottom.

At the right side, you can see brief information about the object selected in this view: name, type, small preview. For a project, it is possible to change the locale and startup script on this panel.


If the report or label is selected in the tree it's preview is shown in the central area.

It is possible to open it for editing, export, open in browser or print using buttons on toolbar.


If the script selected in the tree, its text is presented in the central area.

The script can be executed using the button on toolbar.

The text is editable. Note, it must be saved before switching to other objects. To open it in a separate tab, double-click it or use Open In New Tab action of the context menu.


For the form, its layout preview is displayed in the central area.

It is possible to execute it or open for editing using the buttons on the toolbar.


If the datasource is selected in the tree the central area shows its settings and the list of queries created for this datasource.


For the query, the text is shown in the central area with an ability to view its parameters on a separate tab.

Startup Script

Starting with Valentina Studio 10.5 it is possible to define a script which is executed automatically at the project opening, the startup script.

There are two ways to do it:

  • Select project in the tree and on the right panel choose a script in the Start drop-down list
  • In the context menu of the script click Set As Startup Script

The script is marked with a bold font.

Note, you can clear the startup script option at any time and start this script manually.

Contextual Menus

Here described the contextual menu of project items and window areas.


This menu appears, when the user selects the submenu Create in the contextual menu for the project item, or in the browser's whitespace.

Project Window - Menu Create

  • Folder – Create a new folder as a child for the selected item (project or another folder).
  • Datasource – Invokes the Create Datasource Dialog to create a new datasource.
  • Form – Opens the Form Editor to create a new form.
  • Label – Opens the Report Editor to create a new label.
  • Query – Invokes the Create Query Dialog to create a new query.
  • Report – Opens the Report Editor to create a new report.
  • Script – Opens a Script Editor where you can start type JS script and save into project.


This menu appears, when the user makes right-click on the project item.

Project Window - Menu Project

  • Create – Shows the Create Item Menu.
  • Show On Disc – Opens the system file manager in the location where stored the current project.
  • Paste – Insert copied items.


This menu appears, when the user makes right click on the project child (datasource, query…).

Project Window - Menu Item

  • Cut – Cuts the selected item.
  • Copy – Copies the selected item.
  • Duplicate – Makes duplicate of the selected item in the current project.
  • Delete… – Removes the selected item from the project.


This menu appears, when the user makes right click on the browser's or tree's whitespace.

Project Window - Menu Browser

  • Create – Shows the Create Item Menu.
  • Paste – Insert copied items.
  • Select All – Selects all objects in the panel.
  • Refresh – Refreshes the content of the project.