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Schema Editor - Overview

The Valentina Studio Schema Editor is where you can create, open and close local and remote databases. Here you can browse and edit the schema of a database.

Schema Editor offers multiple paradigms to browse database schema, and you can readily switch between them using the Toolbar:

  • Diagram View โ€“ visual forward and reverse engineering diagramming of database schema
  • Tree View โ€“ traditional, explorer view of databases
  • Column View โ€“ easy shortcuts and column-focused view
Not all options are available in each view. For example, accessing the Data Editor within the Schema Editor requires selection of a Table object. Table objects are selectable within Tree View or Column View.

You can choose any of these view depending on your task, because while one view is good for some set of tasks, another view can serve better for other tasks.

Schema Editor Column View

Column View lets you browse database schema using columns. Select an Nth column object, then from the N+1 column, Valentina Studio displays elements of the selected object. Column View makes it easy to navigate database schema.

See the article on Column View for a complete reference of this view.

Schema Editor Tree View

A tree view presents a hierarchical view of information. Object can have sub-objects depending on if there is an association between the two; If an object can contain another object, then the parent item will either appear as or work similarly to a folder which you can expand or close.

See the article on Tree View for a complete reference of this view.

Schema Editor Diagram View

You can create and conceptualize databases as visual diagrams or schemas. Further, you can also conceptualize the database constraints and other properties to create a script that will in turn, transform your database to match the visual logic. These can be saved to Valentina Projects or exported as PNG, JPG, SVG and PDF.

See the article on Diagram View for a complete reference of this view.