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Schema Editor - Toolbar

The Schema Editor Toolbar includes several tools within the View Options control group.

View Options

The View Options Group or View Switcher is a 3-state option located on the left side of the Schema Editor toolbar. You can use it to switch between views of database schema. There are three options:

  • Diagram View – visual forward and reverse engineering diagramming of database schema
  • Tree View – traditional, explorer view of databases
  • Column View – easy shortcuts and column-focused view

You can do the same switch via menu VIEW and using keyboard shortcuts

  • CTRL+1 CTRL+2 CTRL+3 for Windows
  • CMD+1 CMD+2 CMD+3 for MAC OS X
Not all options are available in each view. For example, accessing the Data Editor within the Schema Editor requires selection of a Table object. Table objects are selectable within Tree View or Column View.

Search Field

Search Field is located on the right side of the editor toolbar and allows you to filter by name elements of selected object(s). If you click on the magnification icon you will see menu that allow you choose kind of search:

  • Starts with
  • Contains
  • Is
  • Ends with

After search is done, column with filtered items is marked by icon FILTER. If you place mouse cursor to this icon you will see yellow tooltip with criteria of filtering. You can filter few columns in the same time, for example at first you filter tables by name, then from selected subset of table you choose few and filter their fields.

To remove filter you need right click its icon and choose command “Remove Filter”.

NOTE: you can select many objects in the same column. You can do SHIFT-click to select group of objects. You can do Ctrl-click to add one more object to selection.

Action Buttons

Depending on selected object in the Schema Editor, the editor toolbar can have also buttons to execute often actions for this object. Note, that the same actions present in the contextual menu for that object.