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Server Admin - Projects

This tab-panel allows you manage projects under your server.

Valentina Server Admin - Projects

Project List

You can see list of Valentina projects registered to Valentina Server and not registered yet but located in the projects folder of the Valentina Server.

Not registered projects have a plus sign on an icon.

List contains the following columns:

  • Name – the name of the project.
You can drag an existing Valentina Project right to this list to upload it to the Valentina Server.

Statusbar Controls

  • Create… button – allows you to create a new project on the Valentina Server (which is DB Server + Report Server).
  • Upload… button – allows you to upload an existing project to the Valentina Server.
  • Open – Opens a selected project.
  • Register – Registers a selected database under Valentina Server. This allows you add existed projects to Valentina Server without stopping it.
  • Unregister… – Unregisters a selected project from Valentina Server.
  • Drop – Drops a selected project from Valentina Server.