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SQL Editor - Parameters Help

The Parameters Panel is available in Valentina Studio Pro.

The parameters panel is located at the right side of the SQL Editor.

It contains the following controls:

  • Table with two columns, parameters and values, which allows assigning a value to each parameter.
  • Checkbox “Use Parameters”, it defines whether the values will be bound to parameters or not.

All parameters found in the query are automatically added to the table. The panel is opened automatically if the parameter was found for the first time. By default, all new parameters have NULL values. To set the NULL value again for an edited value, the context menu can be used.

The selected parameter is marked in the query text.

Depending on the database type, you can use the following parameter markers in your query:

Database Type Parameters
MySQL ?, $n
MS SQL ?, $n
PostgreSQL ?, $n
Valentina ?, :n
SQLite ?, ?n


  • ? – unnamed parameters
  • :n, $n – indexed named parameters (:1, :2 or $1, $2)