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Valentina Release 10.0 Notes

Release 10.0.0


Valentina Studio

  • [New] Synchronization of server bookmarks and SQL snippets via Cloud Storage (Dropbox, GoogleDrive).
    • [New] Prefs Panel where you can specify the folder on an HDD where Valentina Studio will generate these two files
  • [New][SQL Editor] SQL Snippets now can be linked to some database(s).
    • [New] You can easily choose for which databases show a SQL snippet using the contextual menu.

Valentina Reports

  • [Fix][CUPS] Some printers print on two sides by default, so need to specify one-sided printing explicitly
  • [Fix] issue for new JS engine.

Valentina Server

  • [Fix]8718 - VServer now will not create file 'vServer.ini.example'

Valentina Database

  • [New][SQL] Window Functions, a part of SQL Standard 2003-2008.
    • Ex: SELECT SUM(f2) OVER ( [PARTITION BY flds] [ORDER BY flds] )
    • RowNumber(), Rank(), Dens_Rank(), Percent_Rank(), Cum_Dist()
    • SUM() OVER … /* soon: AVG(), MIN(), MAX */
    • This feature works over a single table, JOINs, UNIONs, …
  • [Imp] Improved speed of Not-Indexed-Scan algorithms. In about x10-20 times.

Valentina for Python ADK

  • [New] [Product] Introduction of VPython ADK, which includes:
    • Valentina DB ADK for Python (local and client to Valentina Server)
    • Valentina Reports ADK for Python
    • 64-bit for macOS, Linux, Windows
    • 32 bit for Raspberry PI (ARM7 + Raspbian) is currently under development

Release 10.0.1


Valentina Studio

  • [New][Prefs] Ability to disable Examples in General Preferences
  • [Imp][SQL Editor] snippets menus to control the scope of snippets gains additional parameters
  • [Imp][Data Editor] improved calculation of the width of a column.
  • [Fix][SQL Editor] fixed hide of auto-completion menu when we type string longer than any existing.

Valentina Client

  • [Fix]8723 - vServer.Shutdown() or vServer.Restart() command could crash application
  • [Fix]8727 - Cursor.UpdateAllRecords() update all fields of all records of the cursor in client/server mode