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Valentina Release 2.5.1 Notes

Paradigma Software announces Valentina Release 2.5.1, a free upgrade to users of Valentina 2.x database technology.

Valentina Release 2.5.1 adds modest feature improvements and issues based on feedback by users.

The number listed is the feedback number found in our feedback system.

New Features

Valentina ADKs (including Valentina Developer Network) introduced new time and date features.

Valentina for REALbasic 2.5.1

  • 0002047: [API] VTime.SetTime( inDate As Date ) and VTime.GetTime() As Date
  • 0002048: [API] VDateTime.SetDateTime( inDate As Date ) and VDateTime.GetDateTime() As Date
  • 0002046: [API] VDate.SetDate( inDate As Date ) and VDate.GetDate() As Date

Valentina COM 2.5.1

  • 0002045: [API] VDateTime.SetDateTime( inDate As Date ) and VDateTime.GetDateTime() As Date
  • 0002044: [API] VTime.SetTime( inDate As Date ) and VTime.GetTime() As Date
  • 0002043: [API] VDate.SetDate( inDate As Date ) and VDate.GetDate()

Valentina.NET 2.5.1

  • 0001670: [Feature Request] Date/time fields Value property
  • 0002051: [API] VDateTime.SetDateTime( inDate As DateTime ) and VDateTime.GetDateTime() As DateTime
  • 0002050: [API] VTime.SetTime( inDate As DateTime ) and VTime.GetTime() As DateTime
  • 0002049: [API] VDate.SetDate( inDate As DateTime ) and VDate.GetDate() As DateTime

Valentina Studio 2.5.1

  • 0001895: [Dialogs] Password dialog conflict with the ENTER key.
  • 0002034: [Schema Browser] Issue related to cloning databases corrected.
  • 0002038: [Data Browser Related] Server names were not showing up correctly - corrected.

Bonjour Improvements

Zero-config “Bonjour” automatic device location features were introduced in Valentina 2.5. Bonjour is supported in Valentina Office Server 2.5 and with a Valentina Adapter, also in Valentina Embedded Server.

  • Connecting to a server now uses a double-click instead of a single click.
  • The Bonjour server connection dialog now disables the OK button until you enter user/password.

Improvements and Fixes

These user requests and fixes were corrected in this release.

Valentina Database Kernel 2.5.1

Issues addressed across the entire product line

  • 0002055: [Tables] DeleteAllRecords() issue corrected.
  • 0002054: [Import/Export] ImportAnalyze() issue corrected.
  • 0002053: [Import/Export] String field containing double quotes issue corrected.
  • 0002035: [Fields] Blob truncation issue corrected.

Valentina for REALbasic 2.5.1

  • 0002036: [API] Index issue corrected.
  • 0002029: [Database] Sample application issue when attempting to load a database from XML if using a custom date setting
  • 0002040: [Client] VDatabase.Close would not always release VConnection object - corrected.
  • 0002041: [Client] VDatabase.Constructor(connection as VConnection) issue if connection.Open has not been called first - corrected.
  • 0002042: [Client] VDatabase.Constructor issue when passed a nil VConnection object - corrected.