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Valentina ODBC News

Paradigma Software, the developer of the Valentina database system, invites Windows developers to try the new ODBC functionality coming to Paradigma Software's Valentina development tools that were implemented with the release of Valentina Release 2.5. With this new functionality, you will be able to:

  • Use Excel to analyze data that you have stored in Valentina databases
  • Create hybrid solutions with Valentina Office Server and MS Access or Filemaker
  • Use external, vertical market tools for representing data visually that use this industry standard
  • Easily import/export data between Valentina and other ODBC standard databases, such as IBM DB2, Oracle and mySQL.

Valentina ODBC and Valentina API

ODBC provides a standard for data access among thousands of applications – including most enterprise class databases and most new data intensive applications such as spreadsheets and XML applications that have to integrate or work with business data. Because it is now a very old standard for data exchange, ODBC is not as rich an interface as Valentina API - yet direct ODBC support means a vast world of integration scenarios are now open to you.

Get Valentina for ODBC Products

You can find Valentina for ODBC products in the download section of the Paradigma Software website.