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Valentina Release 3.4 Notes

Paradigma Software announces Valentina Release 3.4, an update to Valentina 3.3

This product is based on the Valentina 3 platform release.

The number listed is the feedback number found in our feedback system.

Improvements and Fixes

These user requests and fixes were corrected in this release.

Valentina Database Kernel 3.4

Unless otherwise noted, improvements and fixes to the Valentina Database Kernel are available in any software solution in the Valentina product line labeled with the number 3.4 - including application developer kits, Valentina Office Server, Valentina Embedded Server or Valentina Free Server.

New Features

Last_RecID [dbName]

a new SQL function returns the last inserted recID.

Fixed in this Release

See Mantis to get a complete list of updates.