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Valentina Release 3.5.2 Notes

Valentina Release 3.5.2 is an update to Valentina 3.5.

For specifics related to your product or development environment, scroll down to the section governing your product.

The number listed is the feedback number found in our feedback system.

Valentina 3.5 introduced several new features and modifications. If you have not previously installed Valentina 3.5, you should read carefully the release notes for that product.

Important Notes

If you are updating to Valentina 3.5.2 products, you should read the following notes.

Valentina Security Update

This release includes important improvements to how security works with Valentina Server products - including both Valentina Office Server and Valentina Embedded Server.

For purposes of ongoing support, Paradigma Software requires that you upgrade your server installations to Valentina 3.5.2 or higher.

Read the Valentina Database Kernel 3.5.2 information below for details.

Improvements and Fixes

Below are the most significant user requests and fixes that was implemented in this release. The complete list of changes you can find in Change Log.

Valentina Database Kernel 3.5.2

Unless otherwise noted, improvements and fixes to the Valentina Database Kernel are available in any software solution in the Valentina product line labeled with the number 3.5.1 - including application developer kits, Valentina Office Server, Valentina Embedded Server or Valentina Free Server.

Valentina Database Kernel 3.5.2 Features

No new features were introduced in this update.

Valentina Database Kernel 3.5.2 Improvements

The following issues reported by engineers and customers were improved or fixed in this release. You can get more detail by entering the issue number in our reporting system.

  • 0002836: [Indexes] Slow down perceived in NOT indexes on methods fixed.
  • 0003004: [SQL] Wrong sort order for some join results fixed.
  • 0002956: [Triggers] NEW.RecID in trigger body could have unexpected results - fixed.
  • 0002954: [API] [Linux] Database issues when files grow beyond 4 GB resolved.
  • 0002952: [SQL] General issues with JOIN resolved.
  • 0002911: [SQL] Subqueries in GROUP BY clause issue resolved.
  • 0002931: [API] datediff performance improvements.
  • 0002947: [SQL] Unexpected results using NOT fixed.
  • 0002934: [Performance] Data issue under Mac OS X local DB beyond 3.88GB fixed.
  • 0002922: [Import/Export] Determine in the CSV file keyword NULL as NULL-value.
  • 0002920: [Tables] Outer join on more than two tables may apply “from” condition to join result instead of use it as “before-join” filter - fixed.
  • 0002919: [Tables] Left outer join may produce inner join result in some cases - fixed.
  • 0002796: [SQL] Predicate in join clause should be applied strictly before join.

Valentina COM 3.5.2

Valentina COM is a solution for working with Valentina databases with any COM compatible environment, such as Delphi or Visual Basic 6.

Valentina COM 3.5.2 Features

  • 0003012: [API] Valentina.ErrNumber and Valentina.ErrString properties now available.

Valentina COM 3.5.2 Improvements

  • 0002982: [API] Diagnose could have unexpected results.
  • 0002974: [API] Valentina.EscapeString() could produce memory issues in some instances.
  • 0002936: [SQL] Saving a ByteArray as a BLOB issues resolved.

Valentina for Director 3.5.2

Valentina for Director is the leading solution for embedding shockwave safe databases into your Adobe Director or Macromedia Director projects.

Valentina for Director 3.5.2 Features

Valentina for Director 3.5.2 supports Adobe Director 11 on both Windows and Mac OS X. The Mac OS X version is available in a Carbon (Director 8 and higher) and Universal Binary (Director 11 or higher).

Valentina for Director 3.5.2 Improvements

  • 0002902: [Other] Encoding issue first found in release 3.5.X corrected.

Valentina for REALbasic 3.5.2

REAL Software's REALbasic is a visual, rapid application development environment for cross-platform development on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

REALbasic is reported to be updated by REAL Software according to a 90 day update cycle. As a result, you should always do a test installation of a new version of REALbasic to see if it renders third party tools inoperative.

Previous modifications to REALbasic Database API by REAL Software had a negative impact on Valentina for REALbasic. Now Valentina for REALbasic is tested to work with RBDB API through REALbasic 2008 Release 1.

Valentina for REALbasic 3.5.2 Features

  • 0002943: Methods to support SQL binding with BLOB values available.

Valentina for REALbasic 3.5.2 Improvements

Previous modifications to REALbasic Database API by REAL Software had a negative impact on Valentina for REALbasic. Now Valentina for REALbasic is tested to work with RBDB API through REALbasic 2008 Release 1.

  • 0002825: [Docs] Documentation for DataBaseInfo is missing (user25).
  • 0002948: [Examples] MultiWindow example is non-functional.
  • 0002993: [RBDB API] Can't add a column into existing table.
  • 0002992: [RBDB API] Field property “Type” is always showed as “Unknown”.
  • 0002991: [RBDB API] Field property “Length” not showing in the schema of database.
  • 0002987: [RBDB API] Opening database from the “Project Editor” with very recen releases of REALbasic can produce unexpected results.
  • 0002984: [RBDB API] RecordSet.ColumnType( num ) did not always return current type of field.
  • 0002831: [RBDB API] vrbdatabase class rejects datevalue resolved.
  • 0002558: [API] Valentina.EscapeString issue with REALbasic under Vista OS.
  • 0002937: [SQL] Inserting data with bound parameters in SQL not working with binary data.

Valentina.NET 3.5.2

Valentina.NET is a component to use Valentina databases with the Microsoft .net framework.

Valentina.NET 3.5.2 Features

  • 0003001: [Examples] Examples and tutorials updated to work in x64 environment.

Valentina.NET 3.5.2 Improvements

  • 0003005: [Installation] Ability to install VNET.dll in the Global Assembly Cache (Kirill).
  • 0002972: [API] Using of Valentina.EscapeString() could have unexpected results.

Valentina PHP 3.5.2

Valentina PHP is an adaptor for scripting PHP applications with Valentina Server products.

Valentina PHP 3.5.2 Features

No new features were introduced in this release.

Valentina PHP 3.5.2 Improvements

  • 0002942: [Localization] Issues with umlauts and text fields fixed.

Valentina for Revolution 3.5.2

Runtime Revolution is a cross-platform rapid application development product for Windows, Linux, MacOS X and Solaris.

Valentina for Revolution 3.5.2 Features

No new features were added specifically for Revolution in this release.

Valentina for Revolution 3.5.2 Improvements

  • 0002973: [API] Using of Valentina.EscapeString() issues resolved.

Valentina Server 3.5.2

Unless otherwise noted, improvements and new features for Valentina Server encompass both Valentina Office Server and Valentina Embedded Server.

Valentina Server 3.5.2 Features

No new features were included in this release.

Valentina Server 3.5.2 Improvements

  • 0002986: [SQL] Deleting the first record added to a table containing a BLOB/Picture field can have unexpected results.
  • 0002989: [Encryption] Encrypted table or field may be accessible by another client in some circumstances.
  • 0002958: [Import/Export] import routine reports the number of records imported.
  • 0002960: [API] A changed picture could be reread from the cache and not from the DB.
  • 0002935: [API] Concurrent insert of BLOBs (API way) in tables can have unexpected results.
  • 0002933: [Performance] Linux VServer 2GB limit on DB files removed.
  • 0002917: [Other] VServer does not always honor the datesetting of database.

Valentina Studio 3.5.2

Unless otherwise noted, anything listed under this section applies to both the Windows and Mac OS X versions of Valentina Studio.

Valentina Studio 3.5.2 Features

  • 0002976: [Schema Editor - Column View] Now VStudio highlights SQL keywords for views and triggers in column view.
  • 0002908: [Diagrams] Diagrams individually adjust column widths.
  • 0001968: [Import/Export] Export results of SQL Query to text file.
  • 0002980: [SQL Builder] Valentina Studio highlights SQL keywords for current query text in SQL Builder.

Valentina Studio 3.5.2 Improvements

  • 0003011: [Data Editor] After remove/append rows now current( highlighed ) row set as marked - resolved.
  • 0003010: [Data Editor] When add first record and RecId column is shown, RecId for this first added record shown as 0.
  • 0003009: [Data Editor Related] After create ObjectrPtr fields, cannot use links immediately in Data Editor.
  • 0003008: [Other] On Mac OSX, removed unused entry from list of windows in “Window” menu with application name.
  • 0002830: [Client] [VStudio Mac OS X] Drag and drop of DB on VStudio icon in the Dock under 10.5 Leopard fixed.
  • 0003003: [SQL] b10 Query can result in unexpected results.
  • 0002828: [Import/Export] Importing issue resolved.
  • 0002916: [SQL Editor] Trying to close a local opened db may have unexpected results.
  • 0002998: [Other] Export from sqlselect query not always as expected.
  • 0002994: [Dialogs] Field creation dialog appearance issue resolved.
  • 0002930: [Feature] Save Password (igor_nikita) - resolved.
  • 0002608: [Schema Editor - Column View] Cosmetic scrolling issue resolved.
  • 0002645: [SQL Builder] Cosmetic scrolling issue resolved.
  • 0002979: [Contextual Menu] “Open Query Builder” has changed to “Open SQL Builder” for database context menu.
  • 0002978: [SQL Builder] SQL Builder now use native colors on MacOS.
  • 0002977: [SQL Builder] Deleting links can have unexpected results - fixed.
  • 0002840: [Import/Export] Importing XML issue resolved.
  • 0002963: [Application Menu] Edit→Select All in Schema Editor issue resolved.
  • 0002950: [SQL Editor] autocompletion issues resolved.
  • 0002957: [Schema Editor] Local connection may not be shown if VStudio on init tries open a previously deleted database.