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Valentina Release 4.6 Notes

New Features and Improvements

Valentina Kernel

  • [New][SQL] MD5() hash function for SQL Expressions
  • [New][SQL] Count of properties to SHOW PROCEDURES result
  • [New][SQL] Display 'comment' and 'category' to “SHOW PROCEDURES”
  • [Imp][SQL] Count of methods to SHOW TABLES result
  • [Imp][Error Codes/Classes] Throw InternalError() shows info about FILE, FUNC, LINE
  • [Bug][API] Issue on Value_Numeric::put_String( String() ) - resolved.
  • [Bug][Database] Error 5 when open vdb in readonly directory - resolved.
  • [Bug][Fields] Writing to compressed BLOB issue.
  • [Bug][Import/Export] Chunk boundaries import issues.
  • [Bug][Import/Export] Load SQL dump created from database named with numerals '111“ - resolved.
  • [Bug][Import/Export] ImportAnalyze causes issue - resolved.
  • [Bug][Import/Export] ImportAnalyze called with empty properties( separators ) causes issue
  • [Bug][Join of Tables] Recursive joins issue.
  • [Bug][RAM Table] Issue on creation of RAM-based tables.
  • [Bug][SQL] Error on update with empty string - resolved.
  • [Bug][SQL] Rename 'SPs' from SHOW PROCEDURES result to 'Custom functions'- resolved.
  • [Bug][SQL] count(distinct(expression)) return issue- resolved.
  • [Bug][SQL Nodes] [NEW] SHOW PROCEDURES statement enhancements
  • [Bug][Stored Procedures] Issue when using stored procedures with order by clause - resolved.
  • [Bug][Performance] LOCATE better optimized in SQL searches - resolved.
  • [Bug][Views] Issue selecting from view which has GROUPBY over subquery (join) result (Ivan Smahin) - resolved.

Valentina Server

  • [Chg][ini-file] [KERNEL] section is renamed to [VKERNEL].
  • [Imp][Log Files] Log format changed to strictly clarify user-id and thread-id information.
  • [Bug][API] vServer may cut passed text data for a single-byte connection.
  • [Bug][API] Call 'put_Variable' VServer_Office.ini can produce duplicate entries.
  • [Bug][API] put_Variable( “BonjourProtocolName”, “sample” ) works correctly.
  • [Bug][Installation] RESTART Apple Script works correctly now.

Valentina Studio

  • [New][SQL Editor] SQL Editor can now show the Function Browser dialog with list of all System and User defined procedures and functions.
  • [New][SQL Editor] SQL Editor gets a new menu item to enable Tune/Warnings/Output
  • [New][SQL Editor] SQL Editor gets a new tab-panels for Logs/Output/Warnings/Tune
  • [New][Inspector] Inspector now shows editible CATEGORY and COMMENT for Stored Procedures..
  • [New][Preferences] in the prefs dialog shows PATH to the prefs file and ability open it.
  • [Imp][ODBC Import] Better scrolling/display in ODBC Import dialog.
  • [Imp][API] Move vsCursorGrid with all dependencies and parents from SQLPlugin to Application.
  • [Bug][Schema Editor] Multi item deletion … warning issue.
  • [Bug][Schema Editor] VStudio issue on diagnose db.
  • [Bug][Schema Editor] When closing db issue.
  • [Bug][Schema Editor] SCHEMA editor and PROJECT window display.
  • [Bug][Schema Editor - Column View] Issue while deleting several tables.
  • [Bug][Schema Editor - Column View] Code display refreshing.
  • [Bug][Schema Editor - Column View] multi item selection issues.
  • [Bug][Schema Editor - Column View] Dropping a method field via right click → delete… on the field issue.
  • [Bug][Schema Editor - Tree View] Treeview on schema editor does not refresh correctly / closing the database makes it temporarily dissappear.
  • [Bug][SQL Editor] Replace selected text using numeric keypad.
  • [Bug][SQL Editor] DB-popup menu in SQL Editor listing of unopened databases.
  • [Bug][SQL Editor] SQL editor export issue.
  • [Bug][SQL Editor] Creating a procedure crashes vstudio.
  • [Bug][SQL Editor] Fix error log in the SQL Editor for server connection.
  • [Bug][Import/Export] Correctly generate cursor dumps.
  • [Bug][Import/Export] Export issue to Excel field types when exporting text starting with 0.
  • [Bug][Import/Export] Export dialog displays columns.
  • [Bug][Import/Export] Export to Excel exports column names.
  • [Bug][Bookmarks] Bonjour items and Bookmarks now display their properties in the Inspector.
  • [Bug][Contextual Menu] contextual menu and schema menu display issues.
  • [Bug][Dialogs] Dialogs store own size and position on application close.
  • [Bug][Keyboard Shortcuts] Mac OS X: CMD-H assignable for hide.
  • [Bug][Property Inspector] Renaming a table in Studio does not show the change until you select another table.
  • [Bug][SQL] Issue with script execution.
  • [Bug][Windows] Closing the last tab of a window should close the window itself.
  • [Bug][Windows] Resizing of apps work correctly on display change..
  • [Bug][Other] Issue on diagnose of DB.
  • [Bug][Other] Studio error after creating a view.
  • [Bug][Other] Crash when creating a field in Studio.
  • [Bug][Other] Studio issue after creating a table.
  • [Bug][Other] REGISTRATION dialog

Valentina Studio

  • [Bug][Form Editor] Page break generates an extra empty page at the end of a report.
  • [Bug][Reports - Preview] Switching renderer while in preview to OS native issue.


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