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Valentina Release 7.0 Notes

Release 7.0.0


Valentina Kernel

    • [NEW] Variant compression of big values except for pictures.
  • [NEW] I_SqlStatement interface and supporting methods:
    • [NEW] I_SqlStatement_Ptr I_SqlDatabase::CreateStatement( inSqlStr )
  • [NEW] API Methods to parse ENUM Type string returned by VKERNEL. They help to build a GUI app, which uses VENUM type with different languages.
    • EnumType_GetLocales( str )
    • EnumType_GetLocaleItems( str, locale_name )

Valentina SQL

Valentina Reports

  • [NEW] - Controls have new size_type property, which allows to grow if the region grows.

Report Parameters

  • [NEW][VS Report Editor] now is able to show all parameters of report in the layout mode .
  • [NEW][VS Report Editor] now allows specifying the TYPE for a report parameter.
  • [NEW][VS Report Editor] now is able to show DIALOG with parameters of reports, so a user can make choice. Zero programming

JavaScript Support

  • [NEW] - VREPORT.DLL now is integrated with JS engine (v8 from Google).
  • [NEW] - Each report control now can have two JS-script pre and post.


  • [NEW] Aztec, DataMatrix, Han Xin, QR and Micro QR formats.
  • [NEW] Use outline font.

Valentina Server

  • [NEW] - KeyValue multi-user store via Valentina SQL and API of VCLIENT.

Valentina Client

  • [NEW] I_KeyValue / VKeyValue interface

Valentina Studio

  • [NEW] Convertor: SQLiteDB to Valentina DB.
  • [NEW][VDB] Support of KeyValue store in Valentina DB 7.0
  • [NEW][VDB] Support of VARIANT field in Valentina DB 7.0
  • [NEW][SQL Editor] Improved work of auto-completion menu. Now it shows in 2 colors: already typed part (yellow) and common part (red) for next chars if it exists. In this case press TAB.
  • [NEW][PRO] Ability to modify keyboard shortcuts and create own shortcuts sets.
  • [NEW][PRO] Data Editor can have several Layouts where you specify:
    • which fields to show and their order in the main browser
    • related table, fields and their order in the related browser.
  • [NEW][PRO] Data Editor - jump to a parent record, by ALT+Click to value of FK or ObjectPtr.
  • [NEW][PRO] Support of Database Continuous Integration - production of 4 scripts to keep in GIT. [Read More...]
  • [NEW][PRO] Ability to save the database Schema Cache in file and restore it when you open this database the next time.

Valentina ADKs

Common Part

Valentina for Xojo

  • [NEW] Support of VSqlStatement in Xojo: it uses other names!
    • [NEW] VPreparedStatement class instead of VSqlStatement class
    • [NEW] VDatabase.Prepare() instead of VDatabase.CreateStatement()

Valentina for Ruby

  • [NEW] Support of VProject and VReport classes

Docs + Wiki

Valentina Engine:

Valentina Reports:



Release 7.0.1


Valentina Reports

  • [Fix][Mac32] Issue with printing, in fact, because of wrong work with tmp files.

Valentina for Xojo

  • [Fix] str(intNumber) of Xojo can produce a string with ASCII encoding. We take this into account now.

Release 7.0.2


Valentina Studio

  • [Fix] 7884 - Changing a locale for Valentina DB doesn't work
  • [Fix] 7885 - Interactive parameters values for date or time should be formatted using Valentina formats
  • [Fix] 7886 - Cannot export to CSV

Valentina for Xojo

  • [Imp] Example for Valentina SQLite Server: Examples/RBDB_way/SqliteExampleModified updated to be consistent with the current example of Xojo. Also was update corresponded Valentina WIKI tutorial.

Release 7.0.3


Valentina Studio

  • [New][SQL Editor] Export button now has “Clipboard” item. Allows use clipboard to move result records into e.g. Excel.
  • [Imp][SQL Editor] Added templates for new KeyValue commands of Valentina DB.
  • [Fix] 7875 - Ability to set locale to format money or date values.
  • [Fix] 7892 - The newly created ENUM type are not displayed in the GUI.

Valentina Kernel

  • [Fix] 7878 - CREATE KEYVALUE command now has IF NOT EXISTS option.
  • [Fix] 7893 - Inconsistency documentation functions FLOOR, CEIL, TRUNC, ROUND and others…


  • Added missing headers.

Release 7.0.4


Valentina Studio

  • [New][CmdLine] 7915 - New command line parameters.
    • to connect to some host and db
    • to open SQL Editor on start
    • to load some text file with few SQL commands, they then are loaded into SQL Editor
    • to execute that command also.

Valentina Server

  • [Fix] 7903 - Fixed slow down when Notifications used.


  • [Fix][SQL] Money type for VARIANT field fixes.
  • [Fix] KeyValue's LIMIT/OFFSET issue fixed.

Docs + Wiki