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Valentina Release 8.2.x Notes

Release 8.2.0


This release focuses on improvements from upgrading to Visual Studio 17 and the latest version of the Qt framework (which includes almost 300 fixes and improvements for the framework).

  • [New][Win] Windows platform development switches from Visual Studio 13 to Visual Studio 17. This is a big step that affects the whole product line.

Valentina Studio

  • [New][Win] Updated from QT 5.6 to QT 5.10.1, what fixes at least 3 known issues in Valentina Studio
  • [New][SQL Editor] Displays progress of export to SQL, with the ability to stop the export
  • [Imp] Select the current date in the calendar of the event editor
  • [Fix] 8234 SSL for Postgresql connections in Valentina Studio 8.1

Valentina for .NET

  • [Imp] Valentina for .net was rewritten to meet the new syntax standards for Managed Code
  • [Chg][Examples][C#] All C# examples now explicitly specify .vdb for name of database
  • [Todo][Examples][VB.net] Specify .vdb for names of database

Release 8.2.1


This release continues to improve Windows side:

  • [Imp][Win] ICU upgraded from 5.3 to 5.8. This affects all products.

Valentina Studio

  • [Imp] Set the lower value for socket select() function timeout to avoid high CPU load.
  • [Fix] PostgreSQL enum values are not loaded when the schema is viewed in the Tree mode.

Valentina DB

  • [Imp] UPPER( 'straße' ) now returns correct result “STRASSE”, for DE, at least on Mac and Linux.
  • [Fix] Normalize() function