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Valentina Numeric Fields

Valentina supports many different numeric types. They differ by size and by range of the supported values.

On field creation you should choose the smallest type of a field, which supports a required range of values. The benefits are that you reduce the requirements of disk space, and increase the overall performance of a database.

For example, if you know that numbers in range of 0..1,000,000 will be stored in a field the best choice is an UMedium type, because an UShort type is not sufficient for handle 1,000,000. The ULong type also can be used but in this case you loose 1 byte per record.

Note, that a Boolean type of Valentina uses really just one BIT per record, other DBMS use 1 byte per record or, at the best case, they pack into 1 byte from 1 to 8 bits.