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Valentina Report Demonstrations

Valentina Reports are created using Valentina Studio Pro, but they can be run within Valentina Studio, in an application using Valentina Reports ADK or off of Valentina Server. These demonstrations and benchmarks primarily focus on reports targeting Valentina Server but can be adapted to other platforms.


  • Valentina Reports Benchmarks – These benchmarks demonstrate speed and volume of reports generated using Valentina Report Server:
    • 4 million PDFs per day on single CPU core on Mac Mini i7/2.3Ghz
    • 12-16 million on mac mini i7 using multi-threaded Valentina Server


  • One Report For All Databases – This example shows as same report works with different datasources (mySQL, PostgreSQL and Valentina servers). Access to vsp file implemented with help of:
    • PHP
    • Xojo/REALBasic Web application
    • Java
    • .NET – TODO
  • All Report Controls – Demonstrates using all controls of Valentina Reports in all possible combinations of options. You can use this project to answer HOW TO questions. Still can't find what you need? Contact us and we will try to add one more feature into this example and may be into report engine itself.