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Valentina Servers Comparison

Paradigma Software offers a few products based on Valentina Server:

  • Valentina Server - commercial edition
    • Valentina Server/5 - free edition.
  • Valentina Embedded Server - edition for deployment by developers.

Although these applications appear similar technically, they operate differently in a few places and have different End User License Agreements.

Valentina Server

The most general Valentina Server, which is a good choice for a company that needs VSERVER for use in its own office. Valentina Server is 4 in 1:

  • Valentina DB Server
  • Valentina SQLite Server
  • Valentina Reports Server
  • Valentina Forms Server

It can accept connections from different Valentina-based applications. This server is deployed on a per server basis.

Exists editions starting from 10 connections and up to UNLIMITED.

Valentina Free Server

There is a Free edition of Valentina Server which has

  • Maximum number of Valentina connections : 5 (ValentinaDB, Reports, Forms)
  • Maximum number of Sqlite connections : 10
  • Maximum number of REST connections : 5

Valentina Server FREE is a non-transferable license available with the following limitations:

  • Non-Profits & Non-Commercial Academic Use. Can deploy one copy of each operating system version of Valentina Server Free per organization, either on a private network (Intranet) or on a public network.
  • Internal Use (Intranet) & Evaluation. If you do not qualify as a Non-Profit or Non-Commercial Academic, but as an individual person or company, you can use Valentina Server Free. Can deploy one copy of each operating system version of Valentina Server Free per organization on a private network (Intranet).

Valentina Embedded Server

Valentina Embedded Server is a part of VDN - Valentina Developer Network, and is intended for application/solution developers who develop some application/solution around VSERVER and deploy a lot of VServer copies, so they dream about royalty-free developer tools. VServer Embedded provides such a royalty-free model.

Valentina Embedded Server has a special license_emb_dddddd file that contains an embedded signature. Thanks to this VServer Embedded accepts only connections from client-apps that provide this signature.

Feature Comparison

Sold AS

  • VServer - is sold as a standalone product for end-users and developers. The owner cannot deploy it to others.
  • VServer Embedded - is sold as part of Valentina Developer Network bundle. It is a deployable developer product. Intended for application developers that want to deploy many copies of {app + vserver}.


  • VServer - from $300 to $1500 per server copy. From 5 Nov 2011 year exists FREE edition of VServer with 5 connections for ValentinaDB and 10 connections for SQLite.
  • VServer Embedded - flat VDN price with royalty-free license:
    • $599 - for 5 connections ValentinaDb/Reports/Rest AND 10 connections SQLite
    • $2999 - for 10 connections ValentinaDb/Reports/Rest AND 25 connections SQLite
    • $4999 - for 25 connections ValentinaDb/Reports/Rest AND UNLIMITED connections SQLite
    • $9999 - for 250 connections ValentinaDb/Reports/Rest AND UNLIMITED connections SQLite


  • Valentina Server - cannot be deployed. Paradigma sells it at PER SERVER price. In other words, each developer, and each end user should purchase their own copy of Valentina Server.
    • Valentina Free Server - Each user should get his own free license of Valentina Free Server from the Valentina site. This license file cannot be deployed to others.
  • Valentina Embedded Server - ROYALTY-FREE Embedded Server.

Signature of Connection

  • VServer - can accept connection from ANY Valentina client without restrictions (well of course if this client has a compatible version). It can accept even connections from clients with an embedded signature because it just ignores this signature.
  • VServer Embedded - can accept connections only from applications that specify correct Embedded Signature. This signature must be the same as in license_emb_ddddddd file.