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Databases from Zero

Databases from Zero is a general introduction to the world of databases.

What is a Database? - Databases are a special kind of technology for handling lots of information. Databases let you store your information in a way that is safe, fast and flexible, allowing you to reuse it again and again without creating any additional, unnecessary work.

Why Use a Database - Now when you know what a database is - why use one?

What is in a Database and Why Excel IS NOT a Database - A lot of people think that database is just a list and Excel does a good job in handling lists. It does! But Excel makes a lousy database. Learn why.

Getting Started With Valentina

Installing Valentina for LiveCode / Revolution - Valentina is available for both MacOS X and Windows. Learn how to install them.

May I See Your References? - Valentina uses references to manage what and where your data are located. Read this primer on references to learn how they work.

Starting and Stopping Valentina - Valentina is an engine that works with your favorite development tool. Learn how to start and stop Valentina programatically.

Creating Valentina Databases - Your programs can create new Valentina databases programmatically by sending and receiving information from Valentina. Learn how your applications can create new databases.

Opening and Closing Existing Databases - Now when you have information stored in a Valentina database, what`s next? Learn how to work with existing Valentina databases.