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Beta Testing FAQ

This page contains FAQ from beta testers of Valentina products


Q: I am current user of a Valentina product. Why I should prefer to participate in the beta testing?

Installation & Start

Q: Where to download latest beta build?

Q: Where to discuss beta builds?

Q: How to report bugs and/or feature requests?

Q: How to uninstall beta?

Q: What is a 'night build' and how it differs from beta build?

Mix of Release with Beta

Yes we perfectly understand, that should be easy way to switch between RELEASE(x) and BETA(x+1). In this section we give some tips how you can use beta builds easy.

Absolutely the best way is to use some Virtual Machine (Virtual Box, Parallels, …) to install one more OS + your development tools and use this as branch of your development process for any purpose including beta testing of third party products, which you use, including Valentina products. Also it is good save copy of such virtual machine in the good state, so if something go wrong, you can recover everything in just 1-2 minutes. Try this. You will love this way.

If you do not want to play with virtual machines, below you can find more tips how to resolve the task on the same computer.

Q: I am using latest RELEASE in active development. How I can use BETA build and do easy switch ?

Q: How I can easy switch between vcomponents of different versions?