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Valentina for Xojo/REALbasic FAQ

Thank you for your interest in Valentina. Here you will find links to general topics related to all Valentina for V4RB products as well as specific frequently asked questions and answers about REALbasic support.

Installation Questions

Q: How I can check that REALbasic have recognize V4RB plugin?

Q: What Valentina for REALbasic installs and where?

Q: Can I use REALbasic Standard with Valentina.rbx plugin?

Error Handling Questions

Q: Is VException class related to REALbasic' class Exception?

Fields Questions

Q: I see that I can use syntax curs.Field(1).value as well as e.g. curs.LongField(1).value. If exists any difference?

Q: How I can init an ObjectPtr field for self-recursion when I create it in the constructor of my subclass of VTable?

Q: How I can set a field to be NULL ?

Performance Questions

Q: When I work in the debug mode my application works very slow. In the release build it works very fast.

RBDB API Questions