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Valentina Server FAQ

This section describes FAQs that are general for any Valentina Server (Free, Commercial, Embedded).

Other Valentina Server FAQs

Also you can read FAQs that are specific to different Valentina Server products:

Comparison of VServers


Q: Does exists some tutorial how to install Valentina Server on my OS?

Q: Can I run few copies of Valentina Server on the same computer?

Q: Where can I get version of installed Valentina Server?

INI File

Q: Where I can find description of all parameters of INI file?

Q: Why is an idle client disconnected after about 8-10 minutes?

Q: How I can turn off the user idle timeout?

License Files

Q: Where to drop my license file?

Q: How can I see information about Name, Connection Count, Expire dates ?

Q: I see that VServer is started right after installation. How it works if there is no yet any license file?


Q: What are default login/password for VSERVER?

Q: Why I get error 533761 (0x82501) on connection to VServer ?

Log Files

Q: Where are located LOG files?

Q: Can I trash out of date log files?

Master Database

Q: What is inside of masterdb?

Q: Can I copy a Master Database to another computer?

Q: Can I see tables of MasterDB?


Q: How I can check that VServer is running right now?

Q: How I can start/stop VServer?


Q: How I can put my existed Valentina database under VServer control (i.e. Register Database)?

Q: Why I should Register Database to VServer?

Q: Why I may need to UNREGISTER database?

Q: How can I restore an existed Valentina database from backup under VServer?

Q: How to put database to a Remote VServer if I do not have access to its folder?


Q: How I can put my existed Valentina Project (.vsp) under VServer control (i.e. Register Project)?