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Valentina for REALbasic Features

The ideal database solution for REALbasic development: fast, easy and royalty free. Valentina is known for its legendary speed compared with database servers such as MySQL and MS SQL Server - let alone painfully slow data analysis using Filemaker or SQLite. Turn hours into minutes, minutes into seconds!


Get to work quickly and easily by using the built in support for RBDB API (REALbasic Database API). RBDB API allows all databases that support it to be able to make use of the productivity tools found within REALbasic.

Native Valentina API

With V4RB you get in hands powerful and natural Valentina API that includes many classes and near 1000 methods totally. Using this API you can do as common SQL tasks, so resolve db tasks without SQL at all.

Classes Style

Valentina for REALbasic ADK arms you with set of Valentina Classes that allows you work in OO way with database. With the Classes Method, you can also to use Valentina for REALbasic with REALbasic Standard Edition.

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