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Setting up External References in New Stacks

(DEPRECATED from Rev 2.7)

You have to set external references for the stack to enable Revolution “to see” the Valentina external and its functions.

Stack Property Inspector

It could be done using “Stack Property Inspector”. Here you just need to define the path to the V4REV_win.dll and(or) to the V4REV_Macho depends on OS target you wish to use.

  • Open the “Stack Property Inspector”
    • Do Right-mouse click on stack window to open contextual menu and choose here item “Stack Property Inspector”
    • Or in main menu “Object” choose “Stack Inspector”
  • Switch in popup menu to “External Refernces”
  • Click button with folder icon and choose Valentina external. Now you can see it in the list of externals, and Revolution will be able use it.

Command in Message Window

Another way - using the window Messages you can type:

set the externals of this stack to 
  "V4REV_2\V4REV_win.dll" &cr& "V4REV_2/V4REV_Macho" 

This line register both mac and windows externals in your stack to its default location.