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Deployment Optional Steps

You should consider and understand how will looks installation process of your Server Application to the customer computer. Since you are going to create a client/server solution, you will need provide 2 installers:

1) the first installer installs “Your App Server” on one computer of customer. This Server will be installed as service (i.e. it will run in background). The Server must be/can be configured as any Valentina Server.

2) the second installer installs a client part of Your Application to the few computers. This usually will be some EXE application, and here there is no hard tasks that we need to consider.

Paradigma Software understands that you, as Application Developer, may want to expose names of your app as much as possible. Therefore we allow you: to change the name of “Valentina Server” service to name of your app, for example “Boomer Game Server”.

Your users will see exactly this name in the list of services on their computers.

you still can use Valentina Server name if this is not an issue for you. On the other hand image that on a customer computer will be installed 2 applications made with Valentina Server. To avoid conflicts, it will be better if each application will use own name for folders and files.