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Deployment Required Steps

Paradigma Software provides you, as a VDN member, the set of many benefits and low price in the usage of Embedded Valentina Server. In the same time you need provide a protection of Embedded Server to prevent your customers use it as a regular Valentina Office Server.

Embedded License File

For this this you need simply to use a special license file that contains Embedded Signature to sign Valentina Server in your distribution. Client of your application on connect should send the same signature to be recognized by YourAppServer. As result, VServer will be able talk only with your application as client, and will not recognize any other Valentina Clients.

Embedded license file differs from a regular license file that it is cross-platform. You can see that by its name:


while regular license file have name as:


You need put this embedded license file into “licenses” folder of your distribution archives. This embedded license file includes 5 default connections that have each Embedded Valentina Server.

When a user will need more connections for server, you need provide him additional license file(s) with additional connections. This additional file will be regular license file. See the part “Generation of additional connections” below for details.

Choose a Port Number

Change a port number that your App Server will listen. You can do this in the ini file.

Actually you MUST do this, to avoid conflicts with any other application that also embed Valentina Server. You need to choose a port number that is not registered by any other famous apps or services.