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Valentina Embedded Server Registration

Valentina Embedded Server (VServer Embedded) is intended to be bundled with your application. This product is only available through Valentina Developer Network.

If you have purchase VDN then you will receive a special file “license_emb_dddddd” that can be used on any platform supported by Valentina; it allows the default 5 connections. This file has a special signature that is locked to the developer who licenses it.

This signature also is sent to you in the file “Embedded Serial.txt”. You must specify it in the constructor VConnection() in the last parameter inOptions.


connect = new VConnection( "localhost", "sa", "sa", 15433, 0, 
                  "AB567654C457546765234E345434F786762354CD456756" )

VServer Embedded will refuse any connections that are not signed by this signature.

NOTE: If you run Valentina Server with “license_emb_dddddd” file then only your application(s) will be able connect to it. For example, Valentina Studio and ADK examples will not be able connect because they do not know your connection signature.

Connecting from Valentina Studio

In the dialog “Connect To” of Valentina Studio you can specify a connection signature to make it work.

Connecting from ADK Examples

You can “fix” the ExampleTools/ValentinaInit() method to specify this signature so ADK examples will be able to work with Valentina Embedded Server.

Using of free Valentina Server for Testing

Note, that you can always get a free license of Valentina Server and use it during development instead of license_emb_ddddd file, to avoid need in use of embedded signature. Only when you prepare your application for deployment you can use embedded license and signature.