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Creating Customized Installer on Windows

VDN lets you create and distribute Embedded Server with your own custom solutions. You can use the following steps to easily package and distribute Embedded Server for your customers.

In order to create a installer, you should review the following steps.

  • Find and download from internet the free utility “Inno Setup Compiler”.
  • Download this installer script

Of course you can use any other Installer Maker tools, then you need self write the script for it.

Correction of Installer Script

  • Open the script in the InnoSetup and read it carefully. Also pay attention to comments provided in the script.
  • You can see set of parameters that you need specify, e.g. your company name and URL.
  • The script uses the default location of Valentina Server to archive its dlls. If you have install it into other location then correct paths.
  • You need drop into vserver/licenses folder the correct “license_emb_ddddd” file and remove any other license files. Or you can not touch this folder, but put your license files into some location on HDD and specify it in the script.
  • When script is corrected, you must be able to click the BUILD button and get archive ready for deployment.

Explanation of Installer Script

VServer Switches

In the script file you can see calls of VServer.exe with switches -i, -s, -r. These switches do mean:

-i - This registers VServer as service of Windows. If you open control panel “Services” you will be able to see your service. This operation should be made just once.

-s - This starts VServer as service. There is no need to restart computer.

-r - This unregisters the VServer from the services.


If you use in your application SSL feature of the Valentina Server then you need include SSL DLLs into your installer and generate own SSL keys. Otherwise you can skip them.

Bonjour Service

If you use in your application Bonjour feature of the Valentina Server then you need include Bonjour installer from Apple. Otherwise you can skip them.