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Valentina Example: Usage of ObjPtr and Binary Links

The “valentina_links” sample database was developed to demonstrate the usage of the special relation kinds, that are available only in Valentina:

This database contains three tables describing the sales in the abstract bookstore:

  • tblBooks – contains the list of books in the store;
  • tblCustomers – contains info about customers of the store;
  • tblOrders – constains info about purchases.

The relations between entities in the database described in the table below:

tblBooksM : MtblOrders
tblCustomers1 : MtblOrders

Using any other relational database to implement these relations, you should use primary and foreign keys, and moreover, additional table to implement the M:M relation. You should not do this with Valentina. The Valentina engine provides special kinds of links to implement relations between database entities:

The schema, that uses these links is shown in the picture below.

valentina_links database

Using this database you can:

  • to explore the technique of usage ObjPtr ang Binary Links;
  • to familiarize with presentation data in the related data editor;
  • to practice the linking records (Binary Link or ObjPtr Link) in the data editor;
  • to feel the power and advantages of Valentina engine.