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Create Query Dialog Help

Using this dialog you can create source query for the report. There are three tab-panels, which helps you to design query: Query, Parameters, Test.


On this panel you can define the basic query properties.

Create Query Dialog - Query

  • Name – The name of the report.
  • Datasourse – The drop-down list of report databases.
  • Create New Datasource... – Opens the dialog to create new datasource for the report.
  • Query Text – The text of the query.
  • Insert Parameter… – Invokes the dialog with the list of query parameters. You can select one of them to insert into the query text.


On this panel you can create custom parameters for the query.

Create Query Dialog - Parameters

  • Name – The name of the parameter.
  • Default Value – The default value of the parameter.
  • Description – The comment for the parameter.
  • Add – Adds a new parameter.
  • Delete – Deletes the selected parameter.


On this panel you can see a result of query execution.

Create Query Dialog - Test