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Schema Editor - Overview

Schema Editor panel is the central place where you can create, open and close local and remote databases. Here you can browse and edit schema of a database.

Usually, a database fronted application offers you kind of TREE-view to browse the database schema. Valentina Studio offers you more:

  • Diagram View โ€“ allows you do forward and reverse engineering of your database schema using state-of-art visual diagrams. For a single database schema you can create many diagrams in such way that each describes some area of your business logic.

 * Tree View โ€“ traditional view for a database front-end, as well as to Windows Explorer or OS X Finder.

  • Column View โ€“ similar to MAC OS X Finder view of columns, adopted to database needs.

You can choose any of these view depending on your task, because while one view is good for some set of tasks, another view can serve better for other tasks.